Andrew Balciunas Obituary – Andrew Balciunas is no longer involved with our firm as a result of the decision he made to investigate various other career alternatives available within the industry. He did so in order to broaden his perspectives, which was his goal in doing so in the first place. He reasoned that moving to a new location would provide him with the most opportunities for professional growth, therefore he made the decision to do so.

née Szelagiewicz, who is now 96 years old and was a close friend of Michael right up to the moment that he passed away not too long ago, is still alive and doing well today. née Szelagiewicz was born in Poland and grew up in the United States. Recently, Michael was taken away from us without any warning. She accompanied him on many of his travels and escapades throughout the world.

Dolores Dural, who was their sister-in-law and who died before her brother William, was their sister-in-sister-in-law. Dolores Dural passed away before her brother William. law’s Their brother-in-law was Dolores’s brother William, who was married to Dolores. This made Dolores’s brother William their sister-in-law. It is initially stated that Dolores Dural’s sister-in-law has passed away, and then it is reported that the news of her brother’s passing follows shortly after.

As a result of the fact that Dolores had already left this world by the time that William passed away, her presence was no longer required. This was owing to the fact that it was no longer necessary to have her presence there. She was known to be the aunt of Dennis (Lois) Dural, who passed away not too long ago. She was considered to be a very well-liked person in her own right and was known to be the aunt of Dennis (Lois) Dural. Her nephew, Dennis (Lois) Dural, was named after her. Dennis (Lois) Dural was an individual who enjoyed a great deal of notoriety during his time.

This great-great aunt is a relative of a number of people’s great-nieces and great-nephews, including Jennifer Earl, Valerie Convery, and Michelle Carter, to mention just a few of those people’s great-nieces and great-nephews. Additionally, she is the great-aunt of a number of nephews and nieces who are her own nephews and nieces. Great-nieces and great-nephews are the terms used to refer to her nieces and nephews who were born in subsequent generations. This great-great aunt is related to various individuals who belong to this later generation in her family.