Angela McNeil Death, Obituary – Angela Mae McNeil, who had attained the age of 47 at the time of her passing, was able to spend her final days at leisure and in the comfort of her own home in Canandaigua/Gorham. She passed away shortly after reaching this milestone age. The 3rd of December, 2022 was the day she passed away. At the time of her dying, McNeil had reached the age of 47 years old. The cremation of the body will be followed by a private funeral service in the Gorham Cemetery. This will take place once the body has been disposed of. After the service, the body will be interred.

Joyce Gage McNeil and her late husband, Thomas L. McNeil, were Angela McNeil’s primary caregivers when she was a little child and during her early years. Additionally, Angela could consider them to be her grandparents. They decided to give their daughter the name Angela when she was born. After she had finished all of the necessary classes, the Marcus Whitman High School, from which she graduated, honored her accomplishments and admiration for her efforts by bestowing upon her a number of awards in recognition of the job she had done.

Angela remarked that her time spent working for A&E Transport as a bus monitor was not only gratifying but also enjoyable at that period of her life. Angela was at that time in her life. During the entirety of that time period, Angela worked for A&E Transport. She placed a tremendous lot of importance on her family, and she felt a special bond with each of her nephews in particular. She attached an exceptional amount of significance to her family. She was of the idea that one’s family was the single most important thing in their life at any particular point in time.

The time that Angela was able to spend with her two cats, Mollie and Maxine, was something that she held in the highest regard. Angela decided to honor two powerful female figures from well-known works of fiction with the naming of her daughters Mollie and Maxine. Angela is survived by her life partner, Michael Porterfield, who resides in Canandaigua her mother, Joyce McNeil, who resides in Stanley; her brother, Anthony (Andrea) McNeil, who also resides in Stanley; her nephews.

Carson and Logan McNeil; and a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. She is also survived by her life partner, Michael Porterfield, who resides in Canandaigua. She is also survived by her life partner Michael Porterfield, who currently resides in Canandaigua. Both of these individuals call Canandaigua home. In addition to him, she is survived by her life partner Michael Porterfield, who resides in Canandaigua at the present time. These two people call the city of Canandaigua their permanent residence.