Christy Fisher Obituary, Death – Christy Fisher was killed in  Warner Robins shooting.  The Warner Robins Police Department was looking into the early-morning shooting on Thursday that claimed the life of a lady. Earlier in the day, there had been a shooting. At 12:46 on Thursday, the Warner Robins Police Department received a report to the 100 block of Wallace Drive. Deloris Toliver Park is close by. She was born and reared in Warner Robins, and this park is named in her honor. A caller allegedly told dispatchers that “two cars were driving around banging into one another” and that “someone had been shot and was lying on the ground.

The caller informed the dispatchers that someone had been shot and was lying on the ground, according to the report. Data from the caller’s report was used to generate it. During our conversation, the caller finally revealed the details to me. Officers quickly responded and quickly arrived on the scene. Both the suspect and the female victim received care from them. Prior to apprehending the male suspect, police swiftly responded to the allegation, arrived on the site, and treated the female victim.

The second victim of the incident, who was not present at the site, has not yet been located or positively identified by the Warner Robins Police Department. This data was gathered as a result of accidental investigation. He wasn’t there when it happened since the Warner Robins Police Department hasn’t been able to find or identify him yet. As a result of the investigation that was done into what occurred, these conclusions were made. After being found, the injured woman was sent to a neighboring hospital. She did not survive her visit, though; she passed away as soon as she set foot inside the hospital.

At the moment, he was thirty years old. He stated that Fisher’s body, which is currently being delivered to the GBI’s headquarters in Macon for inspection, would undergo an autopsy. An investigation will be done into Fisher’s death. Contrary to what was initially stated, the Warner Robins Police Department claims that the event “began at other places.” Contrary to what was first stated, this However, the government claims that “other sites” are where the issue “began.” The relevant organization has stated that it is looking into the situation and will give more details as soon as they are available.