Cody White  Death, Obituary   –  It is my distinct honor to make this kind of formal introduction to you. Hello, my name is Cody White, and it is a delight to make your acquaintance. Since he left, it has been two weeks since he passed away, and it has been since he left that he left. Since he left, it has been since he left that he left. In addition to that, it has been a significant amount of time since he left. His mother, Ann Sizemore, and the rest of her family make their home in the beautiful state of Michigan. She was born and raised in this state. This state is her home state. On the other hand, her ex-husband arrived in Charlotte on Saturday via airplane, which marked the beginning of his stay in the city for the foreseeable future.

He plans to remain there. Two of the thugs managed to get away with his suitcase, which included Cody’s skeletal remains among other items. Cody’s ashes were collected and taken away. They were apprehended by the monitoring system at the very moment that they were making an attempt to exit the building. They were seen at this time stepping out of a taxi at the airport where they were traveling. They were in the process of traveling. They had just started their trip but were already on the road. Even though they had only just begun their journey, they were already on the road. They exited the cab in order to fetch the bags, and after doing so, they boarded the taxi once more in order to proceed with their trip. After that, they got into their car and left.

They exited the cab without paying, and as soon as they did so, they fled away as quickly and as far as they could in any direction after departing the vehicle. The way that things have been going up to this point have taken a turn that is, to say the least, shocking and unpleasant. This is the turn that has been taking place. If you come across a cremation box that is labeled with Cody White’s name, you are requested to get in touch with Ann Sizemore as soon as you are able to do so. It’s possible that the box got lost somewhere. It is going to be necessary for her to have your assistance. Her FB is here: She is aware that there is only a small chance of success, but she believes that it is still worthwhile for her to spend the time and energy necessary to make an effort to recover the cremation box and the ashes of her son.