Elizabeth Kelly Obituary – 16 days after her first symptom and 9 days after her diagnosis, a husband and three adorable children are now without a wife and mother.  Superwife and Supermom  While everyone was excitedly planning their Christmas rituals, Liz was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma in her lungs, breast, spine, and kidney.  As the cancer rapidly spread to her bones, lymphatic system, and brain, Liz started therapy on Monday in the hopes of a miracle. AJ, her spouse, stood by her side the entire time.

Elizabeth Kelly was a wonderful friend, a supermom, and a loving wife who passed away last week.  We are all thinking of AJ, the three kids, and everyone who is close to them.  I’ll keep annoying your spouse by telling them about how we met in Croatia, became lifelong friends, and still are.  We shall particularly miss the jokes, grins, and straightforward chats. We shall never forget your upbeat outlook on life.

In the most tragic and upsetting of circumstances, Liz was taken to the hospital on Wednesday with what seemed like a migraine.  After the bleeding from the melanoma on her brain stopped, she went away very quickly.  Liz, who died at the young age of 39, is survived by her husband AJ, their three adorable children Sienna, 7, Fletcher, 5, and Scarlett, 5, as well as her. Liz was taken from her darling twins a week before Christmas and three months prior to their first day of preparation.

It is impossible to express the impact of losing such a magnificent person.  We cry for the loss of a daughter, wife, mother, and friend. We also grieve for the three little children who will now only be able to see their mother when they see stars in the sky. Grief isn’t a strong enough word to describe how we feel. Since Liz didn’t even have a chance to fight this, we will need the cooperation of our friends to help AJ and the kids battle whatever comes next.  to not have to worry about money in order to get through this terribly difficult time.

allowing AJ, Sienna, Fletcher, and Scarlett to focus on grieving and healing together.  AJ has grudgingly let his buddies to request your assistance.  To help and give our friend and his three spunky kids the space they need to care for one another after the most flagrant and horrific of circumstances.  All proceeds will be provided to AJ directly so that he can support his family during the difficult phase that lies ahead.