Emily Breen Obituary – On December 15, 2022, while she was receiving treatment at Hospice Renfrew for the severe sickness she was dealing with, Emily passed away. She had been receiving care for her condition for a while. She was supported by family and friends who had gathered around her at the end of her life, and they were all there to witness her death. The family would like to convey their most sincere sympathies during this difficult time and to express their greatest sympathy for your loss.

We understand how difficult this circumstance is for you. Emily Anne Breen was born in Cobden and raised there as well. She was only 39 years old when she passed away, and her death came as a complete surprise. Emily has the extraordinary ability to see and value the inner brilliance of everyone she comes into contact with. This talent is just amazing.

This was one of the characteristics that defined Emily as a person. She not only possessed a contagious grin, but also a contagious attitude; the two of them together could uplift any environment. Everyone who interacted with her benefited from her outgoing demeanor. Because Emily was Andie and Rory’s mother, they all benefited greatly, even though they were both under the age of five at the time (age 8).

Sean, her spouse, constantly expresses his love and adoration for her as a person and has nothing but the utmost regard and admiration for her as a person. cherished. Beloved sister to Maggie Elizabeth Davis and Kate Davis and beloved daughter of Richard and Linda (née Bradshaw) Davis. Richard and Linda (née Bradshaw) Davis’ beloved daughter.

She is the beloved daughter of Richard and Linda Davis (née Bradshaw). Richard and Linda Bradshaw (née Davis) Davis are very fond of their daughter. Davis, Linda Bradshaw’s and Richard’s, child Richard Davis and Linda Davis (née Bradshaw), who are also her parents, adore their beloved daughter. Her parents are Richard Davis and Linda Davis (formerly Bradshaw). They will cherish the memories that Richard Davis and Linda Davis (née Bradshaw), their daughter, have given them forever. In this aspect, they are unchangeable in their behavior.