Florence Chandler Obituary – It is never an easy task to part ways with someone we adore and love, yet there are occasions when parting ways is essential. On December 3, 2022, Florence Chandler, who was a beloved member of both her family and the community in which she resided in Portland, Maine, passed away at the age of 88. Florence was a member of both communities.

The moment has come for Florence’s family, friends, and others who cared about her to say their final farewells. It would be greatly appreciated if you would take a few moments out of your day to share your condolences with the Chandler family and let them know how much support they have from you by writing a message in the guestbook that is featured on this memorial page for Florence Chandler.

It is available in this location. She was preceded in death by her step-son Michael, her step-mother Evalena Sandberg, and her siblings Richard Day, Jean Doughty, Robert Fountain, Judy Huck, Janice Noyes, and William Sandberg. Her step-son Michael died first, followed by her step-mother Evalena Sandberg. Her stepson Michael passed away first, then her stepmother Evalena Sandberg, and finally her stepfather William Sandberg. Her stepmother and stepfather were married to each other.

Her original parents, Julius Sandberg and Catherine Abbott Sandberg, as well as her step-son Michael and step-mother Evalena Sandberg, all perished before she was born. Her step-grandmother was also a step-grandmother. In addition to her maternal grandmother, Evalena Sandberg passing died before she was born, her paternal grandma also went away.

She is survived by her children, Dottie, Billy Sandberg, Charles Chandler, Patrick Chandler, and Julie Chandler (Paul Robart); her grandchildren, Emily Moore (Jeff), and Charles Chandler IV; her sisters Beverly Romano, Katherine Nee, and Dorothea Lappin of Scarboro; her sister-in-law Anne Dolack; as well as, Richard, Beverly, Robert, and Janice. Emily Moore (Jeff) and Charles Chandler IV are her grandchildren. She is also survived by her children Her sole grandchildren are named Emily Moore (Jeff), as well as Charles Chandler IV.

In addition, she is survived by her Her grandchildren include such like Emily Moore (Jeff) and Charles Chandler IV, to name just a couple of examples. In addition to that, she is followed by her sister after her passing. Not only does she leave behind her own children, but she also has a sizeable brood of nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews. She will be much missed.

A funeral service that will be conducted in accordance with the teachings of the Christian religion will take place at St. Joseph’s Church on the 19th of December, 2022 at eleven in the morning. This service will take place on the Monday (673 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME 04103).