Georgiana Kuns Death, Obituary – Georgiana Margaret Kuns, Dec. 20, 1943 – Dec. 11, 2022 After struggling with her health over the previous two years, Georgiana Margaret Kuns passed away in a calm and serene manner on December 11, 2022. She passed away while surrounded by the affection of her family, and she will be sorely mourned. Randolph Field in Texas was the location of her birth on December 20th, 1943. She was Lieutenant Colonel Merrill and Orpha Reeh’s youngest daughter. She was known as Merrill.

Her loyal husband of 55 years, Martin, her son Westley and his wife, Theresa, and her older sister Mary Empy are the only members of her family who have survived her passing. She is the proud grandmother of Austin and Samuel Kuns, her grandkids, and has a large number of nieces and nephews. In 1948, she and her family relocated to Portland, Oregon, where George enrolled in the Alameda Elementary School district. In the year 1958, she was a student at Grant High School, where she was active in the organization known as the Future Teachers of America.

She enrolled at Oregon State University in 1962 with the intention of pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Following her graduation from Oregon State University in 1966, George began her career as an educator by taking a position at Irvington Elementary School in the city of Portland. In 1971, she took a leave of absence to give birth to her first child, a son named Westley. 1973 saw her return to the classroom, this time at Beaumont Elementary. After an absence of three years, she went back to Alameda Elementary School, but this time in the role of a teacher.

She remained at this school for the rest of her professional life. She furthered her studies by obtaining a master’s degree in education from the University of Portland in the year 1980. She thoroughly enjoyed guiding roughly 750 first graders on their journey to a universe of educational opportunities. The people whose lives Georgiana touched will remember and miss her with love and gratitude. The activities that George enjoyed most were trail riding, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, and hunting. He also enjoyed working on the farm and training horses. She and her husband built a second home a little bit east of Sisters, Oregon, in 2001. It was there that they created many happy memories. She began quilting in 2002, and during the next 20 years, she produced a great number of quilts for her family and friends.