Helen Brammell Death, Obituary – The Hartman family included Helen (Hartman) Brammell, who resided in Eminence and passed away at the age of 98 at Norton Brownsboro Hospital on December 15, 2022. Helen was a member of the Hartman family. She was actively involved in the Campbellsburg Christian Church, which she attended on a regular basis and for which she was a member. Her mother, Minnie Thomas (Coombs), and her father, Dr. John Chilton “JC” Hartman, both passed away.

Neither of them had any children. Minnie was also the name of her mother. She was the widow of the late William D. Brammell, and before he went away, she and her late husband co-owned and operated the Western Auto business that was located in Eminence for close to 30 years before he passed away. During that time, she was known as “Mrs. Brammell.” Her children and grandchildren affectionately referred to her as “Mama Helen,” and she was a devoted mother and grandmother who loved the time she got to spend with her family. Her name was Helen. She placed a high importance on the time she was able to devote to her family.

She held her human friends in the same regard as she did her animal companions and held a particular place in her heart for everyone of them. The following is a list of his sons that have survived him James H. Brammell, also known as Dianne, was a resident of New Castle and went by that name. My sister’s name is William H. “Bill” Brammell, and she resides in Pewee Valley under the alias “Ellie” Tommie (Hartman) Houston. William H. “Bill” Brammell is also known as “Bill” Katie Hampton (Derek), who resides in Campbellsburg, has granddaughters. The city of Lexington (Ballard) is home to Emily Brammell-Callis, a native of the area.

Ferndale, Michigan is the place of origin of Virginia “Jenna” Brammell, who is now known by the name she took when she married, Matt Drys. One of the grandchildren that the grandfather has is a man by the name of William H. “Bill” Brammell, Jr. (Chelsey), and he currently lives in Centerfield. James Mason Brammell is a New Castle native and has always called this town home. The challenge was won by John Reese Brammell, a resident of Arvada, Colorado, who was able to come out on top. On Monday, December 26, 2022, at one o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral ceremony for 8 Great-Grandchildren will be held at the Prewitt New Castle Funeral Home. The Reverend Carl Rucker will act as the ceremony’s presiding minister.