James Koehn  Death, Obituary  Cancer was the cause of death for James “Jimmy” Stephen Koehn, who resided in Yale and was 51 years old when he died away on December 14, 2022. He had been battling cancer for a while.
Jimmy Koehn, who was born on September 14, 1971, is the son of Evelyn, whose husband Gerald “Jerry” Koehn left the family; Evelyn gave birth to Jimmy on the same day that her husband left. Jimmy is the only child of Evelyn and Gerald “Jerry” Koehn. Prior to his retirement, Jimmy worked at C. Roy’s Processing for a comparable amount of time to the amount of time he spent as a volunteer firefighter with the Brockway Volunteer Fire Department.

Jimmy also served as a volunteer firefighter with the Brockway Volunteer Fire Department. He is survived by Amy, his loving wife; his mother, Evelyn (Koehn) Roose of Brighton; a brother, Jerry Koehn of Cincinnati, Ohio, and a sister, Tina Koehn of Arkansas; a step-son, Jacob Fenton of Chicago; as well as many special friends, including the Roy family and many others in Yale. He is also survived by his step-son, Jacob Fenton of Chicago. Jacob Fenton, who is his step-son and lives in Chicago, is also one of the people that survive him. One of the people who will live on after him is Jacob Fenton, his step-son, who resides in Chicago.

Jacob is also one of the people who will survive him. JoAnn (Koehn) Miller, one of his sisters, his biological father Gerald “Jerry” Koehn, and his step-father Henry Roose all passed away before he did. His biological father was also his step-father. His biological father and his stepfather also bore the name Henry. The funeral and memorial service were both held in Paw Paw, Michigan, after the cremation of the deceased had taken place in that town. There are no funeral or memorial services scheduled to take place at any of the locations at this time. Contributions can be sent in memory of the individual who has passed away to the Michigan Fireman’s Memorial, the Brockway Fire Department, or the Hospice of South West Michigan. These organizations are all located in Michigan.