Jeffrey Gardner Death, Obituary – Jeffrey Gardner, who resided on Walliker Street in Hull and had reached the age of 64, passed away at his house on Wednesday, December 14; he had been allowed to spend the entirety of his life there. He had been able to live there until the day he died. He was allowed to stay in that house right up to the day he passed away. He could have spent his whole life there if he had chosen to. That setting was suitable for him.

He lived there for the first 64 years of his life and believed it to be his home throughout that entire time. We are making a desperate request for aid in locating members of Mr. Gardner’s family, and we need it as soon as it is even remotely possible for us to acquire it. We are also making this request as quickly as we possibly can. We have unfortunately not been successful in discovering his next of kin despite having followed a number of different lines of research and examined a number of different lines of inquiry.

This is in spite of the fact that we have tried our hand at a variety of various approaches to the problem. This is in spite of the fact that we have been engaged in a great deal of work aimed at reaching the objective that we have established for ourselves. Evidence that can be found lends credence to the notion that Jeffrey, a person who formerly served in the Royal Air Force, is the elder brother of at least one further sibling named Arthur. This assertion is backed by the fact that Jeffrey served in the Royal Air Force.

At least one of their other brothers or sisters is known by the name Arthur. The fact that Jeffrey served in the Royal Air Force, which also acts as evidence in support of the idea, lends additional weight to this argument and gives it additional weight, overall. If you are Jeffrey’s next of kin or know who they are, you are asked to get in touch with the Coroner’s Office at the following number: 01482 613011 or by contacting our non-emergency line 101 and quoting log 251 of 14 December.