Jim Brock Obituary – After hearing the news this morning, I still have a hard time accepting Jim Brock’s passing. I’ve been trying to write a post all day, but whenever I sit down to do it, I simply can’t seem to stop crying. I’ve made infrequent trips to Bud’s Sports Bar during the past eight years. Jim was the first person my friends and I saw when we arrived at the building’s entrance. He was, in my opinion, the epitome of a bouncer.

He always had a smile on his face and loved to joke about with everyone. Jim and I met when we both went to see Misfit Toyz at Bud’s a few weeks ago. I debated not saying hello to him at first, but in the end I did, and he gave me a hug. Since it was the final time I saw him, I’m glad I did. He was more than just a bouncer; he was also a friend, fiance, father, and grandfather. In addition, he had never met a stranger.

He has been working there for years. He made sure we were taken care of while we were at Buds. He constantly watched out for me and a lot of other individuals. He frequently ensured that we could reach our cars without difficulty if we left late or that we had an Uber to take us safely home. Although he will be missed, Buds won’t be the same without him.

I will keep praying for Ginger, his family, and everyone else close to him throughout today and the days to follow. It just doesn’t seem real, and I’m still reeling from the shock. You never know when you will run into someone again or when it will be the final time you see them because life is so short. You should take advantage of every opportunity to do so since you never know when a holiday will be the last one you get to celebrate with friends and family.

Live each day as if it were your last, find the things that make you happy, even if it means putting yourself in danger again after having been hurt multiple times.