Julie Babat Obituary – Julie died abruptly on Friday, leaving behind her six children and two grandchildren. Every member of her family cherished and loved her. Julie enjoyed a variety of activities, including attending concerts and listening to local music, seeing the countryside, and raising money for several nonprofit organizations, including Headcount, Reverb, and Why Hunger, among others.

She worked as the Aquatics Director at the Jewish Community Center throughout the second half of her career. She was in charge of teaching hundreds of kids and adults how to swim for the first time in that capacity. She frequently engaged in lengthy conversations about her three children, Jennifer, Allison, and Brooke, as well as the opportunities that awaited them in their futures as educators because she was really proud of them.

Jennifer, Allison, and Brooke all chose to pursue careers as teachers. During her final months, Julie gave top priority to spending as much time as she could with her daughter Kayla and her two grandchildren. “Grandma Julie” was adored by Lilli and Ellie, and she had a special way of instantly putting Ellie at ease and making her smile. She was known to Lilli and Ellie as “Grandma Julie.”

Grandma Julie was Lilli and Ellie’s term for her. With the founding of The Santa Cause, a nonprofit organization, Julie and Mark’s work in their community officially began in 2017. Making sure that hundreds of kids would awaken on Christmas morning to find gifts under the Christmas tree required a tremendous amount of time and work. To achieve this, people collected funds, bought and wrapped gifts, went to schools dressed as Mrs. Claus, and solicited donations.

Because of the kind and accepting attitude in Julie’s musical community, those who were a part of it felt like they belonged to a family. She was able to unite a group of women who, in her eyes, required more love and care, and as a result, they were made into sisters. She was able to bring this group together thanks to her keen perception. She significantly contributed to those receiving donations who, in different circumstances, would not have had the means to do so, and she inspired many people in her immediate vicinity to follow suit.