Laila Dawood Obituary – The parents of a young Derby woman who unexpectedly passed away after tripping at school have paid tribute to their beautiful, caring, and bright daughter. Laila Dawood, 15, a Normanton resident with allergies and asthma, unfortunately perished on Friday, December 9, after collapsing at Derby Moor Academy in Littleover. She had been afflicted with both ailments. Mohammed Dawood, her father, runs a mobile phone repair business on Normanton Road. He claimed that the shock had left him feeling very empty.

The age of Mohammed Dawood is 46. According to Mr. Dawood, “She meant everything to us.” Regardless of the person she was speaking to’s skin tone, the young lady was very polite and respectful. She had a lot of friends that were from several different backgrounds. He added that Laila can recognize his peculiar door-banging style before she even moves to find the source of the noise.

Every time I knocked on the door in the manner that I do, Mister Dawood claimed, “no matter what she was doing, she would run and open the door and give me a bear embrace.” ” Both from our travels and from our time at home with our lovely family and friends, we have many fond memories. Now, when I get home, nobody is there. There are many people here, but I’m having trouble locating my child. There is such an emptiness inside of me.” Laila’s 39-year-old mother, Aziza Dawood, said, “She was my whole world.”

She acted as both my eyes and ears when I went to the doctor and when I went shopping because I have problems reading and writing in English. She served as my rationale “She was my closest friend and everything to me. She exuded a lot of brightness and had a high IQ. Right now, I can’t tell if it’s morning or night. I have no notion what’s going on in this situation. I don’t know where I am.”

Showkat Khan, a close friend of the family, told Derbyshire Live that on December 19 at 11 a.m. flowers will be laid out in front of Laila’s school. The neighborhood is united and the family and friends are really upset, he said. She was a bright little girl who was kind and courteous to everyone she encountered. She was quite intelligent. She was doing fairly well on her practice exams, earning an A+ on each one. She had aspirations of attending law school and practicing law.