Maximilano Flores Death, Obituary  –  On Friday, a head-on collision between two cars in Oro Valley, Arizona, resulted in the deaths of two individuals. The collision took place between two cars that were going in different directions at the time. Both of the vehicles that were traveling on the road at the time of the crash were damaged. Maximiliano Flores and Raymond Evano were identified as the individuals who were driving the vehicle in a press release that was disseminated by the Oro Valley Police Department on Monday.

The statement was included in a news release that was also released by the department. It has been established that both of the males were traveling in the automobile together. The press release was sent out to a variety of different outlets for media coverage. In the moments leading up to the collision, the Ocean View Police Department fielded a number of calls to 911 from concerned citizens who reported seeing “an erratically driven dark-colored pickup vehicle” that was traveling at high speeds and switching lanes. A short time later, the actual collision took place shortly after these calls were made.

These discoveries were made in the time leading up to the incident that took place in the crash. The Ocean View Police Department claims that the authorities had access to these documents before the collision even took place. Following their investigation, the police came to the realization that Flores was the one operating the truck at the time that the incident took place. This was the conclusion that they reached. They claim that the truck was traveling in the wrong direction on Oracle Road when it collided with a red pickup truck that Evano was driving and that the collision was caused by the truck traveling in the wrong direction.

Additionally, they claim that the incident was caused by the truck traveling in the wrong direction. The red pickup truck that was moving through the area at the time of the incident was responsible for the accident. However, there were no reports of anybody being wounded as a direct result of the collision, and the wreckage from the accident also caused damage to a third car. The wreckage from the collision also caused damage to the vehicle.