Naomi Whiting  Death, Obituary  –  NAOMI JEAN WHITING,  who resided in Spencer, West Virginia, passed away on the 17th day of December 2022 at the Roane General Hospital, which is also located in Spencer. She was 68 years old at the time of her passing. The memorial services were held at Roane General Hospital as the venue for the event. In spite of the fact that she was delivered on August 9, 1954, both of her parents, George Saunders and Mildred Fordyce, had already departed away before her birth. She was her parents, George Saunders and Mildred Fordyce’s, and George and Mildred’s only child. Her birthday is on the ninth of August this year.

She had a job in the past at Spencer State Hospital, and one of the responsibilities she had there was to provide support to teachers in the classroom. She has been a member of the Roane County Board of Education for the bulk of the years that have passed since more recent times and has served as the board’s secretary in that capacity. In addition to this, she was a member of the Break Through Baptist Church, which is situated in the neighborhood of Spencer, Indiana, in the state of Indiana.

Naomi will be remembered by her husband, Jack Whiting; her daughters, Lori (Rob) Bumpus and Amy (Chad) Landis; her sister, Judy (Fred) White; her brothers, Jerry (Peggy) Saunders, Larry (Delores), and Steve (Mary); and her seven grandchildren, Alyssa, Grace, Shane, Marissa, Tristan, and Tori. She will also be remembered by her sister, Judy (Fred) White. Her sister Judy (Fred) White will also remember her fondly after her passing.The funeral services will be held at the Taylor-Vandale Funeral Home in Spencer in the afternoon of Thursday, December 22, 2022, at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The deceased person’s birthday was December 22. The funeral home may be found in the town of Spencer. Pastor Phillip Linger, in his capacity as the officiant, is going to act as the event’s host and preside over the proceedings. Visitation at the funeral home will commence precisely one hour before the start of the service, and it will begin when the doors are opened at that time. At the funeral home, guests will have the opportunity to pay their condolences to the deceased. When the funeral is finished, Naomi’s remains will be cremated in accordance with her wishes expressed before she passed away. After that, her ashes are going to be dispersed.