Rebecca Ikumelo Obituary – According to the Metropolitan Police, there are still two more ladies, 21 and 23, who are in critical condition. Asake has asserted that he is “pray[ing]” for the individuals whose lives have been profoundly affected. Jamael and Joelle, Ms. Ikumelo’s two sons, are still alive. She had no other children besides them. The mom who was parenting both of her children alone was given an autism diagnosis for her eldest child in the year 2020.

She was working as an associate nurse in sexual health at the time. When that happened, she decided to leave her job as a nurse and dedicate more of her time to her family, paying special attention to how her son, who was diagnosed with autism, was doing. A few days before she died away, she discussed how society regards autistic kids and teenagers in a podcast she taped.

The episode’s theme was childhood autism. Rebecca responded, “He’s not nasty, he’s autistic,” in response to a question about a time when a relative had accused her child of being “mean.” The relative afterwards apologized and said, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.” But she added, “My worry is that even when individuals talk about how they’re at the grocery store and people say stupid things and everything, and then they say they’re autistic, then the other person quickly alters .”

“But my worry with that is even when people talk about how they’re at the grocery store and people make ridiculous comments and stuff, and then they say they’re autistic. “But my worry with that is even when people talk about how they’re at the grocery shop and people make ridiculous comments and stuff,” she said. Even when folks mention that they are at the grocery store, I worry about that.”

There shouldn’t have been a necessity to examine that alternative. It is not appropriate for you to seek to influence the behavior of another person’s child or to offer your viewpoint on the matter. The family of Rebecca released a statement stating that she had completed her nursing school. The declaration become public. She was a beautiful woman who raised her own two children and offered her time to help youngsters in a variety of ways.

Because of the concern, generosity, and affection she showed for other people, she was held in the highest regard within the family. Her parents’ given names, Oluwatosin, which translate to “Lord is Worthy,” are shortened to make the name Tosin. Tosin’s grandmother gave her this name. Rebecca regularly updated the more than 13,000 people who follow her on TikTok with her blogs on her children’s “autism journey” and discussed major turning points along the way.