Richard Mays Jr. Obituary, Death – Richard Mays Jr of Little Rock, Arkansas has unexpectedly passed away. Have some rest, guys!! You are going to be sorely missed, puppy, not only as a close friend but also as a brother in the fraternity, Richard Mays Jr. Being absent from one’s physical form while at the same time being present with the Lord is not the same thing at all. There is a big gap between the two states. Please accept my sincere condolences on behalf of everyone who was concerned about you. You are going to be remembered with a lot of warmth and affection.

Bro. Que. Richard Mays Junior and his father, Richard Mays Senior This provides a variety of challenging obstacles to be overcome. Since I can’t even remember when, you’ve been one of my closest friends for over twenty years. Always solid! “Pretty Ricky” I am pleased to congratulate you, my brother; Your strong, electrifying, and energizing personality, which stood at the very core of your spirit, was no longer able to be contained within the house that was not constructed with human hands. This home was not adequate to contain the essence of your spirit.

This shed light on the fundamental truth regarding the composition of your spirit. I am at a complete lost for words; you could say that I am bewildered. I had a strong hope that I wouldn’t have to do any additional research and confirm the information that was provided to me in order to move on. Richard Mays Jr., you were a magnificent illustration of what it means to be a human being.

I will miss you. My mother and I would want to extend our sympathies to Rickie’s friends and family as well as everyone else who knew and cared about Rickie throughout this difficult time. He possessed a heart of gold and a grin that was worth a million dollars. Together, they were an irreplaceable combination. He was a remarkable example of someone who should be admired.