Selwyn Tomlin Death, Obituary – As we get closer to the end of the year, I’d like to take a moment to think back on a dear friend who left us in 2022 and say a few words about them. On June 19, 2022, Selwyn Tomlin passed away after a long battle with cancer. After coming to Glendonald in the beginning to assist with docking, it is safe to say that Selwyn eventually became a highly respected casual staff member and mate there. Someone named Selwyn arrived to assist with the docking of the ship. I am pleased to present this information to you after going back through some of my old journals in order to compile some data on the outstanding work that he did for us.
The ship first began docking in 1998 and continued to do so until 2014, with the exception of the year 2007, when it was traveling outside of the country; in total, there were 17 dockings. Selwyn was in his element when they were docking due to the fact that he was familiar with the procedure by heart, his fantastic memory meant that he always remembered what worked and what didn’t, and the best part was that he had intriguing stories and historical facts to offer with them. And if there was something that he didn’t comprehend, he would consult with Jane, his wife, and then come back to us with the information the following day.

The responsibilities of Selwyn have been expanded to include weaning, scanning, tuberculosis testing, pole planting, and any other activities with which we require assistance. He took great pride in being punctual and trustworthy, gave every job the absolute best effort he could muster, and had a work ethic that embarrassed people who were quite a few years his junior in terms of age difference. He was frequently accompanied by either of his older grandsons, Guy or Cameron Rowden, who were both amazing assistants and have now evolved into outstanding young men. During the school breaks, he was frequently with either of his older grandchildren. On other occasions, neither of his grandchildren was present to accompany him.

I had the impression that I knew Selwyn pretty well, but there was a significant amount more about him that I found out on that specific day. During the memorial service that was held in his honor, it was incredible to learn about his generosity and the amount of time he spent helping other people. Since we’ve grown to be good friends with you all over the years, please accept my sincerest sympathies. My thoughts are with Jane, Vicki, Nigel, and Hamish, as well as their families. There is no question that our lives have been improved as a direct result of having the chance to interact with Selwyn.