Sienna Howe Obituary, Death – Jim Howe was bereft after the passing of his young daughter Sienna in January of 2022. The loss had a devastating effect on him. The children Blayze and Jimmy Howe share their father, Jim Howe, as their biological parent. Howe is the father of three children; two of them are the result of previous relationships, and the third child was born to him and Amanda, who is his current significant other. Two of Howe’s children came from his previous relationships. Amanda is his current significant other. In any event, his little girl, who had reached the age of 22 at the time of her passing, passed away in the month of January 2022. She was 22 years old. Howe and his family have decided to make their permanent home in the city of Crossville in the state of Tennessee.

The fact that Jim’s family had owned Crossville Dragway for a number of years prior to his getting involved in racing was what initially sparked his interest in the sport before he actually got involved in racing himself. During the course of the past decade, he has focused virtually all of his attention on his immediate family in addition to the community that directly surrounding them.

The well-being of Sienna Howe, the daughter of the Fugitive on Jim Howe Road, was the Fugitive’s number one concern at all times. It would appear that Sienna Howe, who was Jim Howe’s first and foremost choice for a girlfriend, has been turned down by him. Jim just updated his status on Facebook to include information about the challenging circumstance in which his cherished child is currently found. On the 11th of January, the day before she passed away, he mentioned that his daughter was having a good time at a birthday celebration, where she was laughing and eating with people she loved. On the 12th of January, the day before she passed away, he mentioned that his daughter was having a good time at a birthday celebration.

He mentioned the fact that his daughter was having a good time at a birthday celebration on January 11, the day before she passed away. This was the day before she passed away. She was a cancer survivor who was in good health and had hopes and ambitions that would last a lifetime. In his letter, Howe referred to her as “the most wonderful young lady that anyone will ever have the opportunity to meet.” She is a young lady who enjoys life and gets along well with other people. She is an asset to any group she joins. While the race was still in its early morning hours, the competitor received a phone call from 911, which caused his Sienna to have trouble relaxing as a result of the unexpected interruption.

Unfortunately, the competitor was still over 1,100 kilometers away from the starting line when the race was stopped. Sienna had stopped breathing at 7:30, and the personnel from the emergency medical services performed mouth-to-mouth for a total of 13 minutes while she was being treated. After that, she lapsed into an unconscious state, and sometime later, she was found by someone.

Throughout the entirety of her course of treatment, Siena displayed an upbeat demeanor despite the ordeal she was going through with her illness. Sienna possessed the ability to find the silver lining in any given predicament and possessed a heart that was compassionate toward all living things. He admitted that his heart was broken, but at the same time, he expressed gratitude to God for allowing him to be with her during this difficult time. He said that being with her was the best thing that could have happened to him.