Steph Westwood Death, Obituary – The passing away of Steph Westwood, who was the originator of On Butterfly Wings, was such a devastating piece of information to learn upon waking up this morning. During the course of the preceding year, we at ClassCover had the pleasure of working with Steph, and I can say without reservation that her zeal for education and commitment to aiding teachers was without peer. During this trying time, we want her family, friends, and the entirety of the teaching community in Australia to know that they are in our thoughts and that we extend our condolences to them all.

They were really lucky to have been guided by such a brilliant and dazzling example. Everyone is going to miss Steph terribly once she is no longer there. It was with a heavy heart that we received the news of the passing of Steph Westwood, the founder of On Butterfly Wings, and it is with that same hard heart that we share it with you now. Steph went away unexpectedly after suffering a heart attack over the weekend; she is survived by her loyal family, which includes her husband Jim, her son Rick, and her pets Ted and Sam. Steph passed away over the weekend.

Steph spent her entire life working in the field of education. She spent her time developing educational materials through her successful TPT business, instructing generations of children from primary schools in New South Wales, and continuing to work with Inquisitive. She spent her time in the classroom teaching children from primary schools in New South Wales. Steph’s most significant contribution to the field of education was arguably the establishment of this organization, which she was the founder of. Steph’s great desire to help others and provide support for other educators was the impetus for the conception of the idea that would become On Butterfly Wings.

She had a lot of praise for her groups and the wonderful relationships that you all had developed with one another via your everyday interactions with one another. She held her groups in the highest regard. Steph was a kind and helpful lady who extended her assistance to anybody who crossed her path. She was the most genuine, kind, and kind person that had ever lived, and she will be severely missed by a vast number of people. She was the most genuine, kind, and kind person that had ever lived. I would want to express my appreciation to each of you for the money and support that you have given to the On Butterfly Wings organizations. It has been of great assistance to her.