Susan Mills Obituary  РThe body of a lady who was believed to have been from Elbridge was found on Sunday at Carpenter Falls, according to the state police. The body of the woman was found near Carpenter Falls on the seventh day after she had been missing for a period of six days during which she had not been seen or heard from. On Monday at noon, Susan C. Mills, 59, was last seen leaving her house in Elbridge, which is located on Halfway Road.

According to the state police, she was reported missing following her departure. It is possible to discover the location of her residence in Elbridge. Wednesday was the day that the report was turned in to the state police, which was also the day that they were informed about her absence. The skeletal remains of a female were found on Sunday by search crews in the area of Carpenter Falls in Niles, which is situated in Cayuga County in the state of New York’s upstate region.

The county of Cayuga was named in the news release as the location of the event that took place. Members of the state police, state forest rangers, officers from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), family and friends of Mills, and search and rescue teams from Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oswego counties were among the people searching for the missing woman over the weekend, according to The Auburn Citizen, which also published pictures and made the announcement.

The newspaper also made the announcement. The photographs were printed in The Auburn Citizen, which was also responsible for making the news. On Friday, a car and smartphone belonging to Mills were found in the neighborhood close to the entrance to the Carpenter Falls Unique Area, which is located off Route 41A in Niles. The neighborhood is known as the Carpenter Falls Unique Area.

To be more exact, people referred to the location as the Carpenter Falls Unique Area. This area is around 37 acres, and in addition to having a steep elevation, it also features waterfalls. Mills was identified as the deceased individual whose corpse was located in the general area of Carpenter Falls on Sunday evening around the hour of seven, according to the state police.

The discovery was made somewhere around seven o’clock in the evening. The location of Mills’ remains has not been made public by state police, nor have they disclosed any additional information regarding her passing or the circumstances surrounding her death. There has also not been any additional information regarding her passing has been made public.