Virginia Calley Obituary – On December 12, 2022, Portland, Oregon resident Virginia Frances Calley, who was 99 years old, passed away without experiencing any discomfort. She was conceived on November 25, 1923, and entered this world on that day. Over the course of her childhood, she was primarily looked after by her mother Nickoletta and her father Theordore Dussin. Virginia was quite active in the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church when she was a little girl and frequently attended services there.

During the holidays, Virginia’s brother, cousins, and other members of their extended family joined her at the church for the festivities. She spent her childhood in Portland, where she and her cousins Gus Dusin, Alice Poulos, and Georgia Dariotis made the most of their time by making the most of it by visiting as much as they could of the greater Portland area and the Oregon Coast.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Saint Helen’s Hall and Beaverton were two of the most coveted high schools. Before going to the University of Oregon to continue her study, she spent a year completing the prerequisite courses for her nursing degree at the Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland, Oregon. Nicholas George Calley and Virginia’s hand exchanged vows and became husband and wife on June 17, 1944. They grew up together and have been friends since they were little.

Virginia passed away in 2008, but Nicholas died first. In 2009, Virginia passed away. They lived together their entire lives and were wed for 64 years in all. Their union was successful. They traveled extensively with their kids while they were still a married couple, visiting locations like Lake Tahoe and Sun Valley, Idaho. They also traveled much around the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. In addition to being a member of the Multnomah Athletic Club, Virginia served as the president of the synchronized swimming team that was known as the MerMacs.

The inscription on the perpetual trophy at the Multnomah Athletic Club will ensure that her name is permanently associated with the trophy. She was a member of the Asian Arts Council at the Portland Art Museum in addition to being an artist and a skier. She worked in the real estate industry for a short while. Virginia had a lifelong fascination with the Oregon coast, and she and Nicholas spent a significant portion of their time together in the beach house that they owned in Gearhart.

In point of fact, she chose to spend her honeymoon in a hotel room located directly over the Seaside aquarium so that she could watch and listen to the sea lions. Virginia is survived by her children, Carol Ann Caveny, Georgiana Antonelli, and Nicholas Calley, all of whom are residents of Portland; grandchildren, Scott and Douglas Caveny, Michael Antonelli, Nicole Nesbitt, Peter Calley, Taylor Calley Brereton, and Megan Calley; great-grandchildren; a cousin, Alice Paulos; and a niece and nephew, Frances Hannon and John Cox. Virginia is also survived by five great-grandchildren.