Walter James Death, Obituary – Walter, Frederick James (Jim) – Jim passed away suddenly but peacefully on November 20th, 2022 at the Alexandra and Marine Hospital in Goderich. Prior to his passing, Jim had only been ailing for a short period of time. Jim was born on October 7, 1947 in Belfast, in what is now Northern Ireland, and he has been proudly showing his Irish heritage throughout his whole life. Jim was born on October 7, 1947 in Belfast, which is in what is now Northern Ireland. Jim had lived and worked as an electrician in the Cambridge region for a significant portion of his life prior to his retirement in the Meneset retirement community located close to Goderich. After he had reached the age of retirement, he relocated to the area.

Jim made a lot of new acquaintances and had a wonderful time in Meneset, where he participated in a variety of enjoyable activities such as golfing, tai chi, and cribbage. You could find him in Goderich and Kincardine on Friday and Saturday evenings during the pleasant summer months listening to Scottish pipe bands play. During the same months, he would be playing the bagpipes. Jim is survived by his loving wife Isabel Allingham, Isabel’s children Frank, Ian and his wife Kelly, and Diane and her husband Joe, as well as Isabel’s grandchildren. Isabel is also survived by her children Frank, Ian and his wife Kelly, and Diane and her husband Joe. Additionally, Isabel’s children Frank, Ian, and his wife Kelly, as well as Diane and her husband Joe, continue her legacy after her passing.

In addition, he is survived by his stepchildren, Richard and his wife Sharon, and Robin and her husband Jamie, as well as his grandchildren, Claire and her husband Mitch, Adam, Matt, and Emma. His stepchildren Richard and his wife Sharon and Robin and her husband Jamie also survive him. His stepchildren are Richard and Sharon, who are married to each other. His stepchildren include Robin and her husband, Jamie, as well as their own children. Henri and BJ, the cherished kittens that Jim and Isabel co-owned, will mourn Jim very much. Jim and Isabel co-owned them.

His loved ones in Ballywalter, Northern Ireland, think fondly of him and recall him frequently. During Jim’s illness, the medical personnel at Alexandra and Marine Hospital provided excellent care for him, and his family would want to use this opportunity to extend their gratitude to those involved. In particular, the family would like to express their gratitude to Nicole for the solace that she brought to Jim during the closing moments of his life.