Alexander Rodin  Death, Obituary –  At the time of his passing on November 19, 2019, Alexander Rodin, who had reached the age of 67, was a patient at the Mainland Division of AtlanticCare Reg. Med. Ctr. in Pomona, New Jersey. He felt most at ease while he was in the New Jersey community of Buena, which he regarded as his home. Alex’s first year of life was spent in Munich, Germany; nevertheless, in the year 1954, he made the transfer over the Atlantic to begin a new life in the United States of America. He had established himself as a long-time resident of the neighborhood because to the length of time he had spent living there.

He was the only son of the late artist Serge Rodin to have survived his father’s passing, and he was the sole heir to the artist’s legacy. Only one son was ever born to Serge Rodin, and that son was him. In addition, he was preceded in death by his wife, Olessa “Alice” Rodin, as well as by his brother-in-law Wassile Wudmaksa and his nephew Dan Cabral. Dan Cabral was his only living relative. Every single one of these people was a direct or immediate member of his family. Dan Cabral, his only nephew, was a man all by himself.

In the years leading up to his retirement, which actually took place after he had already retired, Alex was employed by Union Local #1976 as a drywall contractor. Over the course of many years, he was very dedicated to his job in this field and put in a lot of effort. He has previous experience serving in the military, more specifically for the Army of the United States.At this point in time, his two children, Matthew and Catrina Rodin, in addition to his mother, Eugenia Rodin, are believed to be his living descendants.

It is well known that Olga Cabral, Barbara Rodin, and Natalie Wudmaska are all sisters to one another. This information is gleaned from public knowledge. In addition to this, Maria Morrison and Helen Denson are considered to be sister-in-laws to one another by their respective families.
In addition to that, I have a considerable number of nieces and nephews who regard me as either their aunt or uncle.