Betty Hohl Obituary, Death – Betty Mae Wanner Hohl, who was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died peacefully on December 18 at her daughter’s home in Connecticut. She had two brothers, Donald and Ronald, and a sister, Mary Lou, and she was the oldest of the three. On January 28, 1924, she entered the world as the daughter of Leon Wanner and Dorothy Reifsnyder Wanner. She was the mother of musician Daryl Hall and the wife of Walter “Frank” Hohl.

As a youngster, she sang with groups like The Triads, Melody Maids, and Pottstown Band, and later she spent 25 years leading the choir at Cedarville Methodist Church. She continued to use her voice well into her 90s when she began singing with a choir. A rousing ovation to the musical arts! Throughout the entire Hohl home, it could be found. She nurtured her musically gifted son Daryl through school, and she was pleased to see him become a successful musician.

A night out at a local Hall & Oates concert was her favorite thing to do. In spite of the fact that I’m well past my prime, I still enjoy going to rock concerts. She was enthusiastic about the arts in all their forms, and she took her children to Philadelphia to expose them to the city’s cultural riches and urge them to explore. Her innate teaching ability made it possible for her to take part in “She said, “They gave me this prize for living my life.”

She was honored in 2007 with the OJR Community Service Award, given for outstanding contributions to one’s local community “which has contributed significantly to the field. I was always drawn to music and teenage culture, so I did it. Her daughter Kathleen followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a graphic designer thanks to her doting support and encouragement.

Her family was her second major passion in life. She cherished her family dearly; her young cousins affectionately referred to her as “Aunt Betty” and also adored their “Uncle Frank.” She felt deep affection for Mary Lou, Donald, Ronald, and their wives. She had a huge crush on Frank’s brother, Gene.

She and Frank had lived there for many years, and even though their kids were grown and had moved away, they still made frequent trips back. After Frank passed away and cancer struck, it was time for Betty to settle into Kathy’s CT world. There, she was surrounded by wonderful people, including Kathy, her husband Jeremy, their dog Daisy, their cat Willie, Heather, Claudia, and Daryl. It was a one-of-a-kind experience.

She lived a long and happy life, one in which she valued and cared for every member of her family. So many people’s lives were profoundly altered by her. They will reminisce on the past with a sense of humor and offer some amazing stories. She’ll be thrilled with the news. A celebration of her extraordinary life will be held in the spring.