Blaise DiNardo  Dedath, Obituary  –  In 1963, when Morrie Silver was serving in his job as Club President, he approached DiNardo about joining the Red Wings as the club’s Security Director. DiNardo was interested in the opportunity. DiNardo would go on to have a lengthy and fruitful career with the Red Wings after this point in his career. Before being elevated to the role of Team Ambassador in 2019, DiNardo continued to fulfill his previous responsibilities, which included supervising the safety and security of stadiums.

Because he had been promoted, he was able to take on extra tasks. He remained in his post here right up until the moment he passed away, which is till the very end. He has played for the team during each and every one of the sixty baseball seasons that have passed. Naomi Silver, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rochester Red Wings, was reported saying that “This is a significant loss not only to the Red Wings but to many of us personally.” Silver was speaking about the loss that was described in the previous line

. When my grandfather Blaise employed my father, my father hired him to work for the Wings. That was more than 60 years ago. Blaise was the first person to begin working for the Wings, and he was the one who took the most pride in the fact that he was a part of our organization. Because he was such a beloved member of our baseball family, our whole coaching staff as well as all of our committed fans will miss him dearly after his passing. We will all miss him very much here at the company. Randy Mobley, who served as President of the League during the years that Blaise DiNardo worked for the Rochester Police Department, honored him with the Spirit of the International League Award on August 21, 2017, and presented it to him in 2017.

Randy Mobley served as President of the League during those years. Blaise DiNardo was a former officer with the Rochester Police Department and served in that capacity in the past. This award recognizes the significant contributions made by those individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that fans have the best possible time whenever they travel to a League ballpark and participate in events that are sanctioned by the League. Specifically, this award recognizes those individuals who are committed to ensuring that fans have the best possible time when attending events that are sanctioned by the League.