Bryanna Dugan Obituary – Bryanna Dugan, who was only 22 years old and had a smile that could light up any room, passed away unexpectedly as a result of complications connected with type 1 diabetes. In 2018, Bryanna obtained her diploma after completing all of the requirements for her high school studies. She came into the world in the city of Akron, which is located in Ohio. She was simultaneously working for Visiting Angels while also attending nursing school at the same time.

Before she was born, her great-grandparents Carl and June Davis, as well as her paternal grandfather Johnny Costello and her paternal godfather Andy Andrews, all passed away. Her great-grandparents also served as her father’s godparents when she was born. Her great-grandmother Maggie Costello, along with her maternal grandma Kathy Spardy and paternal grandparents Pam Dugan and Denny Spardy, are all still with us today. Her paternal great-grandmother was Maggie Costello.

In addition to her, both of her parents, her mother Jessica Spardy and her father Eric (Jen) Dugan, are still with us today. Brielle and Brendan are both members of the same extended family. Nicholas Linaburg, Ruby and Brooks Dugan, an uncle in the shape of Mike (Kristen) Presley, and an aunt in the form of Stephanie (Jim) Tyson are all members of the Dugan family. Her family served as the foundation upon which she established the rest of her life.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bryanna’s devoted lover Xavier Jeter, in addition to his son Kaden and the other members of his family, are all still alive. Throughout the entire procedure, they behaved quite courteously with her. A huge number of extra-committed family members and others in the extended community will mourn her greatly after her passing.

Others in the community will also miss her. It is only fitting that Bryanna be honored with the same level of love and compassion that she always exhibited in the course of living her day-to-day life; this would be fitting and proper. In place of sending flowers to express sympathy for the loss of a loved one, the American Diabetes Association would be grateful for any contribution you might give in their honor. Please make sure that you are wearing appropriate apparel in order to ensure that you are dressed comfortably for the calling hours. Bryanna, your parents adore you.