Carrin Caracciolo Obituary, Death – Carrin Curry Caracciolo Owner, stylist and colorist at Beautique Hair Salon has passed awauy. Carrin lived in Massapequa, New York. Carrin, who was both my supervisor and a close friend, passed away yesterday. I had nothing but the highest esteem for him. She has been there for me through every major life event that has happened throughout the course of our seven-year relationship. She has supported me throughout everything, starting with Beautique, doing my wedding hair, being there for me when my mother passed away,

Being one of the first persons at the hospital when I gave birth to Gianna, being my substitute wedding date, and pretty much EVERYTHING in between. No one else has ever continuously supported me the way you have; regardless of how you were feeling, you never let me down. You are the only person who has ever made me laugh so hard. I don’t have a partner with whom I like to unintentionally match and share clothes. I’ve never taken pleasure in yelling “SOMETHING SPARKLY” at other people. I don’t have a partner with whom I like to unintentionally match and share clothes.

Nobody else has ever or will ever present themselves in the same way that you have. I won’t be able to move on from your passing for as long as I live since it will be tough to replace the light you brought into our lives. The news of your demise and the loss experienced by Carrin’s family and friends have left me feeling incredibly and sincerely sorry. Your visual memories bring back thoughts of a wonderful life that was cruelly cut short at an early age.

She deserves to finally find peace, and I hope that she will always feel a connection to you because of the memories you have of her. Lauren, after hearing this news, I feel utterly lost and defeated. Without a doubt, Carrin was the best, and we have faith that her friends and family will continue to live their lives in a way that honors her legacy long after she is gone. I can never stop thinking about and feeling for the one and only you.