Christopher Winfield Death, Obituary – Just be patient with me as I experiment with this new type of post.
On Tuesday, December 13, Christopher Winfield, our digital marketing manager and the bright mind behind the majority of our success on social media over the previous two years, unexpectedly went away. He was 51.
A few weeks before the Museum in 2020 had to close due to the pandemic, Christopher started working there. Tim’s plan to set up a “social media takeover” with security resulted in his going viral, the hashtag “#HashtagTheCowboy,” and the Museum gaining hundreds of thousands of new online fans.

Our children’s book, “Twas the Night Before Christmas in the West,” was also written by him. Although he had been experiencing a few health issues, we had no reason to think they were life-threatening. We’re devastated. Since Christopher had a major role in creating the Seth “from Marketing” name, which over the past two years has become a surprisingly tenacious part of my identity, Christopher may be viewed as my creation as far as the internet is concerned.

Christopher served as the stage manager, Tim served as the lead actor, and Seth “from marketing” served as the antagonist. He was a fantastic comic as well. Because of his friendly, easygoing personality, we all liked his effortless ability to make dad jokes online. He left a lasting impression during his brief stay at the Museum, and those of us who had the good fortune to collaborate with him will miss him dearly. Christopher was above all a loving husband and father. His wife Alison, daughter Gemma (age 8), and son Flynn will all sincerely miss him ( 5 ). A GoFundMe has been used to raise money for his family. A donation would be greatly appreciated if you have the means. Christopher definitely would have come up with a lot more creative idea. Always, he did.