Cindy Davis Death, Obituary – Cindy passed away unexpectedly on Sunday night as a result of an accident that no one saw coming. She was looking forward to going to work and seeing her family for the first time in a long time over these most recent weeks, and our entire family is in complete amazement. She fell on the sidewalk on Sunday night, and her heart stopped as a result. We appreciate the quick arrival of the Pardeeville paramedics who gave everything they had.

We appreciate their prompt answer. Our hearts are devastated as we attempt to go on to the next steps of informing everyone whose lives Cindy may have influenced or touched. Without a doubt, one of the most devoted, funny, and loving mothers a daughter could ever want to have was my mother. No matter who you were, no matter how busy she was, she would stop what she was doing to give you a hand or offer you some comfort. She had a smile that could instantly brighten a room.

The last time I saw her in person was a week ago for my birthday, and she was a beautiful friend to have. That was the last time I saw her in person, and she was overjoyed that our piercings matched. I regret that I was unable to hug her and that I was unable to stay up later that night with her. I’ve started this fundraiser in the hopes that I may be able to help defray some of the funeral expenses since her death occurred so suddenly and there were no plans made for it.

We want to thank everyone who has gotten in touch with us so far and want to assure you that our family will continue to grieve privately. My mother was a diehard Trekkie, and the following is a piece of one of her favorite Star Trek. The one trait that a machine will never be able to imitate is compassion. Maybe this is the only thing that keeps men ahead of them. Click HERE To View Cindy Davis GoFundMe Page.