David Clay Obituary – david clay  completed his final trip before departing this life to return to the skies above. david clay  was brought into this world in Fresno County. He spent his childhood in the Easton neighborhood and graduated from Washington Union High School, where he received his secondary education. In accordance with the “buddy plan,” he enlisted in the United States Navy on October.

Immediately following his graduation from high school. He completed his obligation while serving aboard the USS Oriskany. When he got back to Fresno on February 6, 1966, he was given an honorable discharge from the military. Bob was a remarkable individual who possessed a vast number of talents and abilities, which gave him the capacity to conceive of, design, construct, and repair a wide variety of objects.

He was an expert handyman and an overall wonderful human being. Bob had a soft spot in his heart for all kinds of creatures, so he took in a number of strays and abandoned animals at his ranch. Bob’s lifelong goal was to someday earn his private pilot’s license, and on April 29, 1991, he was finally able to make that goal a reality by earning his certificate to fly. He logged a significant number of hours in the air and traveled to a diverse range of locations before his final flight on May 6, 1996.

During this final flight, he circled over his properties in the Biola area as well as his mother’s ranch in Easton. Over the past 11 years, Bob and Linda have spent a significant amount of time traveling over the world. In addition, David and his family went on several vacations with his parents to exciting and interesting places all over the world. Bob’s favorite vacation spot was going to see his family in Indiana, namely the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where he could take a “lap around the track” each time he went there.

Bob and David rode in a pace car at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour during the 2007 Indy 500 Time Trials, which they were able to attend because to the good fortune of receiving All Access Pit Passes for the event. They went on this vacation together, and both of them have wonderful recollections of it. While he was there, Bob also enjoyed going to visit the Amish since their buffets were so delicious. His mother and father had already passed away when Bob was born.

Bob’s wife Linda, with whom he shared 43 years of marriage, as well as his son David and his wife Melanie, survive him. Bob has two grandchildren, Tyler and Hannah, who referred to him as “Boompah” out of their fondness for him. In addition, he is survived by his sister Mary Ann York, together with her spouse Jim and their children, as well as by their children.