Debra Johnson Death, Obituary – We sorry to notify you that Doug’s sister, Debra Kay Johnson, passed away suddenly last night. Her passing comes as a shock to everyone. My sincere sympathies to her family and friends on the loss of her life. It is with a very heavy and sorry heart that I share this information with you at this time. I truly apologize. On Saturday, we celebrated her birthday by arranging a party for all of her friends and family. She was shown a great deal of compassion throughout the duration of the weekend that had just passed, and both she and we are extremely thankful for the number of visits that were paid to her during that time period.

Aaron Bacher, our great and thoughtful son-in-law, left on an unexpected trip on December 7th, which occurred during the time that Doug’s mother is receiving medical treatment in the hospital for an illness. We would be really grateful to you if you would just pray for our household. Thank you. Margaret, I am beyond distraught to learn that terrible news. Although I was familiar with Aaron, neither Debra nor your cherished mother-in-names law’s came to mind when I thought of them.

However, Aaron was one of the names that came to mind. As we send our love your way, please know that we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. In addition to the numerous prayers that are being said for you, please accept the many hugs and thoughts of comfort that are being sent your way right now. Please convey to Aunt Edie that all of you are keeping her in your thoughts and sending get well wishes as she battles this sickness. We are grateful to you for helping us get this message across to her. I am thinking about both you and Doug and giving all of the love and support that I can muster.