Devin Caldwell  Death, Obituary –  Devin Lee Caldwell On June 17, 2012, Devin Lee Caldwell died away peacefully without experiencing any pain or suffering, and shortly after his death, he was reunited with the angels in heaven who had been watching out for him. They had been looking out for him. He was the most cherished child of Tamarra Caldwell and Darryl Moore, and throughout the length of their lives, he was the source of unfathomable pleasure and delight for the two of them. He was the oldest kid of the three children they had together.

He was his parents’ son. Angel, who is our daughter, was recently given the opportunity to advance to the second grade at the Chester Community Charter Institution. This is the same school where she had attended when she was in the first grade. Recent events saw the implementation of this promotion. Everyone who ever had the chance to interact with him thought that he was a pleasant and thoughtful person, and because of this, they are going to experience a tremendous feeling of loss now that he has passed away. One of his brothers, Kedron Caldwell, had already passed away prior to him passing away himself.

He was the only sibling to survive all of his other relatives. No matter what takes place in either of their lives in the years to come, his mother, Tamarra Caldwell, and his father, Darryl Moore, will never cease to love and cherish their son. In addition to his parents and grandparents, he is survived by his siblings, Tiana Caldwell, Tiana Marrero-Woods, Tasia & Selena Moore, Anthony Caldwell, Darryl Jr., Christian, Dante, and Dominic Moore; his grandparents, Christine McNair, Irwin Johnson, and Barbara Moore; his great-grandmother, Alberta Hertzler; and a large number of other relatives and friends from throughout the community. He will be greatly missed by all of Everyone will mourn his passing very deeply. The interment took place at the Chester Rural Cemetery, which can be found in Chester, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Chester is located in the state of Pennsylvania. The location of Chester can be found in the state of Pennsylvania. Arrangements: E