Donald Hundley Death, Obituary  –  After spending many days battling for his life in a local hospital, the rider of a motorbike who was involved in an accident at Smithville Lake and was hit as a consequence of the accident has passed away. The accident occurred at the lake. As a direct consequence of the accident, the motorcyclist was struck, which led to the subsequent accident. It was determined that the rider that was involved in the collision was Donald J. Hundley, who is 34 years old and is from Kansas City.

This information was provided to us by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, so thank you very much for that! He passed died on September 29th, and on September 30th, the organs that had been removed from him were donated to other people.On September 25, at approximately 7:40 p.m., there was a collision that took place on Litton Way close to the Smithville Lake Dam. This location is adjacent to Missouri Highway DD. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the location in question so that they could conduct an investigation into the incident in issue. “When they arrived at the site, they discovered that a Chevrolet Cruze had been engaged in a collision with a man who was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

” When we located him, he had 34 years under his belt already. In a statement that was issued by the sheriff’s office and forwarded to a variety of different media sites not long after the collision, it was reported that the injured motorcyclist had “life-threatening” injuries. This was done immediately after the collision. Because Hundley was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, his head was not shielded from the impact of the crash by a protective device.

Jason Kissick, 49, of Smithville, North Carolina, who was driving the Cruze at the time of the accident, was taken into custody and charged with assault in the second degree after the accident. The investigation into the matter is still ongoing, and it is possible that additional charges will be made against the individuals involved. According to the statement that was made public by the sheriff’s office, the suspect Jason Kissick is presently being held within our facility.