Evelyn Ruiz Obituary – We have learned with a heavy heart that Evelyn Ruiz, who resided in Hamden, Connecticut, passed away unexpectedly and in a tragic manner. She left behind loved ones who are suffering from sorrow, anguish, and loss. This news has left us with a heavy heart. Between the time she spent at Washington High School in 1971 and the time she spent at the University of Whitewater in 1974, Evelyn had a combined total of seven years of schooling.

She received her graduation from Washington High School in 1971. Both of the aforementioned educational establishments may be found within the city of Whitewater, which is situated within the state of Wisconsin. As a customer service relations specialist for the company, Evelyn devoted her whole career to providing excellent service to the company’s patrons, and she never wavered in this commitment. During this time period, she worked as a representative for the customer service department.

Evelyn devoted her whole professional career to the company Fox Jewelers, where she worked for a cumulative total of twenty years during the course of her career. In addition to that, she was an employee at the Mitchell Street Bank from the time she started working there until the day she retired in the year 2003. She continued doing so right up until the day she handed in her resignation from her work there. She was employed there up to the point in time when she was able to start collecting her pension, at which point she resigned from her post.

Evelyn was a member of the church for a period of time, and throughout that time she volunteered her time to assist with a variety of different activities and events sponsored by the organization. In addition to that, she gave her time to the organization by working there in a volunteer capacity. Which include not only the Church Daycare but also the Children’s Bible Ministry as well as the Holiday Programs for the entirety of the church body to participate in. The primary objective of Evelyn’s life was to share the message of salvation that she had discovered in Jesus Christ with other people.