Gabrielle Hutchinson Obituary, Death – On December 19, at the age of 23, Gabrielle Hutchinson went away in the early hours of the morning. She was carrying out her responsibilities as a hired security guard for the function that night. As a result of the incidents that occurred on Thursday, a second individual has tragically passed away, according to Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, the policing commander for Lambeth and Southwark.

I want to extend my sincere sympathies to Gabrielle’s family during this unbearably tough time. Detectives from the Specialist Crime Command of the Metropolitan Police Department are working very hard to piece together exactly what happened on Thursday night. The investigation is really in-depth and complex. Officers are presently interviewing witnesses, conducting forensic examinations, and reviewing video from security cameras and cell phones.

They will evaluate the evidence to see if any legal infractions were committed, just like they would with any other investigation. The police-placed cordons outside the area have been taken down, but the cordons within the building will stay in place until authorities continue their investigation.  We now know that all three of the women, including Rebecca Ikumelo and Gabrielle Hutchinson, who tragically died due to their injuries, were in the building’s lobby when they all sustained life-threatening injuries.

A third woman, age 21, is still receiving treatment for a critical condition at the hospital. We will never stop thinking about everyone who was affected by this calamity. We want to request that anyone who has images, videos, or information use the facility for submitting such materials that have been made accessible in the form of an online website. We are asking any members of the public who may have the knowledge to come forward. At the time of the incident, there were about 4,000 persons who could have supplied testimony.

Law enforcement personnel were called to the scene at 21:04 local time after learning that a sizable crowd had gathered outside the venue. A second contact was made at 21:35 hours to report that someone were attempting to break into the building. As is normal after any incident in which there were police present and members of the public were killed or seriously injured, we have forwarded this case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct in accordance with the nationally accepted standard operating procedure.