Gregory McCarry  Death, Obituary   Regarding Anyone It May Concern, To Whom It May Concern, The
Gregory Kent “Sammy” McCarry, who was 74 years old when he passed away, was a resident at the Jerseyville Manor Nursing Home when he did so on December 16, 2022 at 5:35 in the morning. He was there when he died. His body was laid to rest at Jerseyville after the funeral services. He was one of the five children that were born to Clifford and Janis B. (Hazelwonder) McCarry on August 20, 1948. His mother’s maiden name was Hazelwonder. Pearl, Illinois is where he started his life. His mother’s maiden name was Hazelwonder.

Because of an accident at work in which he was electrocuted, Greg’s father passed away before Greg was born. This tragedy occurred before Greg was born. Because of the tragic turn of events, Greg’s mother is now the sole caregiver for their family of five young children. She has full responsibility for their upbringing. His mother uprooted her family and moved them to Jerseyville, Illinois, in order to be closer to her extended relatives so that she could better care for her children.

There, she would finally meet the man she would later marry, Douglas Smith, who would shower a great deal of attention on Greg and his siblings and treat them as if they were his very own children. Greg and his siblings would look up to Douglas as if he were their father. There, Greg and all of his siblings were brought into the world. After completing his high school education at Jersey Community High School in Jerseyville, Illinois, and earning his diploma, he volunteered in the United States Army so that he could serve his country during the Korean War.

During that time, he was serving his country as a soldier in Korea. He was dismissed from the armed forces after having served his nation with distinction for a period of time, and he then went on to find work at the Tri City Grocery in Jerseyville. There, he would meet the lady who would later become his wife; she had previously been known by the name Susan Ray. The two would eventually get married. Restaurant was chosen as the venue for the gathering. After getting married at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Jerseyville on February 26, 1972, the couple went on to have four daughters together after getting married there. The wedding took place on the 26th of February.