Harrison Miller Obituary – Miller, Harrison Francis The 11th of March, 2004 to the 16th of December, 2022 Harrison is survived by his grandmothers, Elaine McGuire and Carol Miller, as well as by his mother, Shannon Miller; his father, Murray Miller; his siblings, Elizabeth Grashorn (Tyler), McGuire Miller, and Merrigan Miller; his nephew, Carter Grashorn; and his mother’s father, Tyler Grashorn.

Michael McGuire and Larry Miller, both of whom were his grandfathers, passed away before him. On Friday, December 16, 2022, Harrison Francis Miller, who was 18 years old and from Elkhorn, Nebraska, passed suddenly. The 11th of March, 2004, saw the arrival of Harrison in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Shannon and Murray Miller. In 2022, Harrison received his diploma from Elkhorn South, and he had recently completed his first semester at the University of Nebraska.

Harrison volunteered his time frequently for charitable organizations and was an engaged participant in the St. Patrick’s Youth Program. He also held a job at Hy-Vee. At St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Harrison established a fellowship program for his contemporaries in the youth group. Harrison Miller lived a life that was cut far too short yet was packed to the brim with experience. Baseball, rugby, and football were all sports that Harrison played.

Harrison was a champion in fantasy football and was a huge admirer of both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Harrison was a devoted skier who had scaled two of Colorado’s 14-thousand-foot peaks and looked out across Hawaii from the peak of Diamond Head. Harrison took a gondola ride through the canals of Venice, walked to the top of the Hollywood Sign, and visited the Grand Canyon on his travels.

He observed a total solar eclipse, visited the Vatican, and saw the Mona Lisa and David by da Vinci and Michelangelo, respectively. Harrison was one of the last people to see Queen Elizabeth II and attended the inauguration of a president of the United States. He also went fishing in Iceland, observed the Roman Colosseum, dined atop the Eiffel Tower, traveled to Carhenge, and witnessed the inauguration of a president of the United States.

Harrison went on a trek along the Camino de Santiago, worked out at Muscle Beach, and visited Winslow, Arizona. Harrison seen live performances by a number of well-known musicians, including Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Who, The Rolling Stones, U2, Dream Theater, and far too many others to name. After one of Bruce Springsteen’s performances, the Boss personally presented him with one of his guitar picks, commenting that “it looked like he was having a good time.” The majority of the time, Harrison was.

Harrison had a relatively short life, but he managed to make a significant impact on our world. His family and the innumerable friends he had will miss him terribly. How fortunate we were to have someone who makes it so difficult to say good-bye to them.