Harrison Miller Death, Obituary –  An 18-year-old Boy was pronounced deceased at the site of an accident with a semitruck early on Friday morning close to Waverly, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. The collision occurred in the vicinity of Waverly. The collision took place somewhere in the neighborhood of Waverly. The crash occurred in Waverly or one of its surrounding neighborhoods in some location. At around 10:48 in the morning, deputies from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a collision that had occurred on Highway 6 near N 162nd Street.

These deputies arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred. The investigation arrived at the conclusion that a Volkswagen Jetta that had been manufactured in 2017 and that had been traveling in the direction of westbound traffic had crossed the center line and been involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer that had been approaching it from the front. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office reports that the semitruck went off the roadway and tipped over in the north ditch after it had entered the ditch. This occurred after the truck had already gone into the ditch. After the truck had already made its way into the ditch, this event took place. This occurrence took occurred after the truck had already been involved in the collision that sent it into the ditch.

According to the authorities, the Volkswagen Jetta that was being driven by Harrison Miller, who was 18 years old and from Omaha, came to a stop in the ditch to the south of the route. At the time of the collision, Miller was the one behind the wheel of the automobile. Miller was apparently confirmed dead at the scene of the incident immediately after the incident took place, as stated by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. According to the authorities, the driver of the semi truck, who has been named as John Tran from Lincoln and is 47 years old, was unable to extricate himself from the truck and had to be rescued by officials from the fire department.

Tran’s identity has been confirmed. After being involved in the collision, it was reported that Tran was unable to extricate himself from the truck on his own. It was discovered that Tran was the driver of the semi-truck at the time of the accident. According to law enforcement, Tran was taken to a nearby hospital where his condition was described as serious but stable. It does not appear that he has any injuries that are life-threatening. According to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, everyone in the Jetta was wearing their seatbelts, and all of the airbags went off. It is not thought that alcohol or drugs played a role in this incident.