Jacquelyn Onstott  Death, Obituary –   This past Saturday, at the age of 99, my cherished grandmother, Jacquelyn Onstott, who was also the doting great-grandmother of our children, passed away. Jacquelyn was our children’s doting great-grandmother. It had been some time since she had been in good health. The adoring great-grandmother of our children, grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren is named Jacquelyn. In addition to this, Jacquelyn Onstott showered her love and attention upon our children as well as the other members of the family in her capacity as great-grandmother.

Her peers of the time period referred to her as “the original Jackie O” on a regular basis. This moniker stuck with her throughout her career.She was a wonderful example of how sass, elegance, loyalty, and a sense of humor can all coexist in a manner that is charming and attractive. Her character is notable due to the many admirable features that it possesses, which help it to stand out. Nana was well-known for always accessorizing herself with lipstick and jewelry, and she placed a significant amount of value on maintaining her close relationships with both her family and the people she encountered in her day-to-day life.

Her close relationships with her family were especially important to her. Her eyes were the most stunning illustration of that exceptionally beautiful shade of blue there could possibly be. They were stunning in every conceivable way. Her favorite holiday was Christmas, and I like to think that she is now celebrating it in heaven with her beloved Hobie and everyone else who has passed away, in addition to all of the other members of their family tree who came before them in the line of descent. This is how I like to imagine that she is spending the holiday.

Being able to love her was the best gift that could ever be given, and being able to enjoy her needed having some understanding of who she was as a person. The fact that she loved a person was the single most priceless thing that a person could ever get as a present. It was the one thing in life that made it all worthwhile. Even though we are only just starting to feel the void that her passing has created, we pledge that she will never be ignored or abandoned in any manner. Even though we are just beginning to feel the void that her passing has made.