Jah Willis Death, Obituary   –  Earl Willis was the moniker that everyone knew him by, in spite of the fact that his real name was Jah-Ryon Deshond. On the other hand, Jah-Ryon Deshond was his genuine name.
Macon, Georgia: This event will take place over the course of a total of thirteen years, beginning on July 13th, in the year 2004, and concluding on December 6th, in the year 2022. Memorial services were held in honor of Jah-Ryon Deshond and the contributions he made to the community in order to honor his legacy. The memorial ceremony for Earl Willis will be place at the chapel of Jones Brothers Mortuary on Friday, December 23, 2022 at 2:00 p.m., which is the day and hour that he passed away. The date and time of his passing are also included in the service.

The memorial service will take place on the day and at the exact moment that he passed away. This particular name is Jah-Ryon Deshond. On December 16th, 2022, Earl Willis lost his valiant battle against cancer after a long and arduous fight against the disease. The funeral service will end at the church, and then the burial of the deceased will take place at the Cherry Blossom Memorial Gardens Cemetery once the church service has concluded. The funeral will come to a close inside of the church. Mr. Willis passed away on December 6th, 2022, marking the beginning of the end of his life. Due to the fact that he had already attained the age of 18 when he passed away, he was no longer regarded as a minor after he had passed away.

His mother, Mia Sanders, as well as his father, Quadrellas Willis, as well as his grandmothers, Tina Wilson and Rosemary Henry (Michael), his grandfather, Earl Sanders, and his great-grandmother, Lueretta Smith, as well as his four sisters, Ja’Nya, Raven, Ny’asia, and Destiny, as well as a host of other relatives and friends, are among the survivors. His great-grandmother, Lueretta Smith, also survived His great-grandmother, Lueretta Smith, made it through the ordeal as well. Lueretta Smith, his great-grandmother, lived through the tragedy as well and is still alive now. His great-grandmother, Lueretta Smith, survived the event and is still with us now. She was also a witness to the catastrophe.