Joe Brown Death, Obituary – Before I go, I want to pay a final visit to my favorite uncle, who lives in Bethpage, so I’m on my way there right now. A passing that was completely unexpected took place a few days ago with Uncle Joe Brown Brown. Everyone in our extended family, including my brother, my sister, and all of our cousins, referred to him as Uncle Rick. He was the one with the least amount of prior experience out of the five. My mother held the title of being the eldest of us.

In my eyes, he was more like a substitute father figure than an uncle. We looked up to him. To be more precise, more like a trusted companion! My earliest memory were a period of time when he was a significant factor in my life. He was such a wonderful and entertaining person, and he made himself available to everybody and everyone at any time. Had an extremely high level of energy that made it difficult for others to compete with them. At one point in his career, he was employed with the North Massapequa Fire Department in addition to the Bethpage Fire Department.

Every year, to the delight of everyone who worked at the firehouse, he played the role of Santa Claus. A dedicated friend and loved member of his community, this man puts his family first. You will be sorely and incomprehensibly missed in this world! I hope to see you again soon, my friend. Thank you for saying hello to your folks on my behalf. I will miss you so much, Uncle Rick. Rest in peace. Keep an eye on Stephanie and Deanna, in addition to the grandchildren, and be sure not to let your guard down.