John Nugent Obituary – The 34-year-old Green Bay, Wisconsin, inhabitant Johnathan “John” Nugent passed away on December 18, 2022. It was also known as “Johnathan Nugent Day” the day he passed away. Edward Nugent and Mary (Debban) Nugent welcomed their first child into the world in Green Bay on November 17, 1988. Their journey as parents began with this incident.

John graduated from West High School in 2007 and was a part of the group that received diplomas from the school that year. He obtained his diploma from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UW-SP), where he finished his formal schooling, before continuing on to join the military. The ceremony that made John and Jessica Long husband and wife took place in Green Bay on September 12th, 2020.

He served as both the company’s main business executive and the content owner of John Nugent Flooring. John was a chatterbox, a hard-working employee, and a sarcastic individual who delighted in conversation. He was a worker who gave everything he had. He was polite, patient, and really concerned about his family. He was also knowledgeable, intelligent, and supportive.

He was also kind and academically curious. He cherished his family dearly and steadfastly. He was steadfast in his commitment to doing everything in his power to keep his family happy and healthy. John was a fantastic guy to have in your life since he made a fantastic husband and father to his four sons. Everyone had a wonderful time and remembered the trip that John and his family took.

Huge Chevy trucks, dirty cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and the Green Bay Packers were some of the items at the top of his list of all-time favorites in the universe. In his dreams, going elk hunting in the western states and traveling there were recurring themes. John tried fishing, but he discovered that he was more productive when he went hunting. John went deer hunting instead of fishing.

His siblings Traci (David) Robinson, Shelly Nugent, Jennifer Nugent, Peter (Jackie) Nugent, Luke (Sarah) Nugent, Sarah (Eric) Derenne, Elizabeth (Jarrod) Schumacher, and Rachel (Josh) Kwiatkowski make up his immediate family in addition to his wife, Jessa, and their three children, Cayden, Breyden, and Keidyn.