Joshua Cook  Death, Obituary –  On July 3, 1989, Joshua was born in the city of Arcadia located in the state of Florida. His mother and father are devout Christians, and they instilled that religion in him from the minute he entered the world. After completing his high school career at Sebring High School and getting his diploma in 2007, he subsequently went on to serve in the United States Army. He has been serving in the United States Army ever since. Because he was part of the 10th Mountain Division’s 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, which was stationed at Fort Drum in New York, he was an aviation engine technician there.

His unit was commanded by the 10th Mountain Division, and he obeyed their orders as a member of their organization. During the length of the war, he was stationed in Afghanistan for a total of three years, and in Iraq for a total of one year, performing his military duties. After enlisting in the Army of the United States and serving for a period of time, he eventually achieved the rank of Sergeant after working his way up through the ranks. He tied the knot in 2010, while he was still serving in the military, and as soon as he finished his commitment to the service, he moved to Eastman, Georgia, so that he could be closer to his father.

In the year 2010, he got married while he was still serving in the military. In addition to that, he worked at a firm in Douglas, Georgia called PPP as a machinist for airplane components for a number of years during his career there. As a hobby, he enjoyed working on cars and trucks, and he was a devoted fan of both the sport of football and the University of Florida Gators. He delighted in performing stand-up comedy and traveling on excursions whenever he had the opportunity. Joshua was recognized for his capacity for compassion and dependability in each and every one of his roles, including those of spouse, son, brother, uncle, and friend.

This included all of the relationships in which he participated. When he arrived at the end of the rainbow bridge, his aunt Sharon Cross was already waiting for him on the other side. The following members of his family are still with us: his wife, Kimberly Kamanuwai Cook of Eastman; his mother, Karen Lamb Cook of Sebring, Florida; his father, Preston Dewayne Cook (Sheila), of Eastman; his two sisters, Alena Cook of Sebring, Florida, and Stephanie Cook Halveston of Zolfo Springs, Florida; his brother, Christopher Cook (Cynthia) of Lake City, Florida; and his step-broth