Lauren Dea Obituary   As soon as we heard that Lauren O’Dea, one of our many wonderful friends and fellow season members, had passed away, the first thing that went through our minds was amazement, followed by great sadness. Lauren O’Dea was one of the many amazing friends and fellow season members that we had. The remarkable experience that we had throughout this season was made possible by the contributions of a large number of people, of whom Lauren was just one. Lauren was one of the many people that took part in our event, and her name was one of the ones that appeared on the list of participants that we had. We are currently going through a very difficult phase of grief over the loss of a loved one as a direct result of the news that was just shared with us.

We are all going to miss Lauren very much since she was such a fantastic person and because she was both attractive on the outside and on the inside. Lauren was a beautiful person on the inside as well as on the outside. During this challenging time, we, as fans of the Kansas City Wings and the sport of ice hockey in general, are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. We are also keeping the Kansas City Wings in our thoughts and prayers. In addition, we are going to keep the Kansas City Wings in our thoughts and prayers for the foreseeable future. During this trying time, we are keeping both her biological family and the hockey family she has made via the sport in our thoughts and prayers.

Her hockey family is in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to cheer for her. During this challenging moment, each and every one of her teammates is being led through prayer and meditation. In addition, the entire team is keeping vigil.Our aunt appreciated the time that she was able to spend with the other people on her hockey team, and the fact that she was able to do so was something that she kept very close to her heart. The time that she was able to spend with her teammates was something that she valued. She eventually came to the conclusion that participating in this specific activity on a regular basis was something that she looked forward to with a great deal of excitement. I am grateful.