Makenzie Harlin Obituary, Death – Heather Harlin’s life will no longer follow the same path of events. A portion of her died along a stretch of Mason Headley Road earlier this week when her daughter Makenzie was killed in an automobile accident. On that route, her daughter was operating a vehicle. I tend to agree with the adage that it is preferable to have loved and lost someone then never to have loved at all.

Holding Makenzie’s 13-month-old infant in her arms, Heather said on Friday, “I’m going to appreciate those 21 years; every minute of them.” I’m going to adore each and every one of them. The idea that she won’t remember (her mother) is probably the hardest part of dealing with her, said Heather. “I’m going to tell her, we’re all going to tell her, but mentally there won’t be any memory,” she continued. I could go through this even without her, but having her here makes it a hundred times easier,” Heather remarked.

Heather believes Makenzie was a fantastic mother, and she hopes to commemorate her legacy by working hard to raise her own children, who are now adults, even better. Only a few homes away is Makenzie’s grandmother Carol, who, along with her husband, has played a significant role in Makenzie’s life since she was a young child.

He would pick her up from daycare, and when I got home, they would either be reading a book, napping or watching The Horse Whisperer for the fifteenth time, according to Carol. She asserted that her deceased husband of 48 years, who passed away only a few years prior, cherished his granddaughter Makenzie.

It will be impossible for Heather to survive this Christmas because of the terrible turn of events that has brought them together. I chose to get my mother a necklace that said, “I love you to the moon and back,” because my father used to tell her this frequently. The last two Christmases were hard without my father at my side. I promise to give it my all moving forward, but I can’t guarantee that things will ever be the same.

Heather arguably put on her strongest performance while discussing the accident itself. “There was a misunderstanding. I don’t want that man to go the rest of his life believing he did anything wrong because he didn’t, Heather said. She also asked that this information be relayed to the driver of the other vehicle by the person in charge of the accident investigation. “As a mother, you search for someone to hold accountable. I don’t want him to believe that I have even the tiniest animosity against him, though. If you would like to donate to Makenzie’s daughter’s college fund, Click HERE