Marie Edwards Death, Obituary –  On October 26, 1964 in the city of Somerset, which is located in the state of Kentucky, Marie Holloway Young was born to her parents, Eugene Holloway and Ruby Sluder Young. Her grandfather was Eugene Holloway, and her grandmother was Ruby Sluder Young. To be more exact, Somerset is located inside the Somerset region. Ruby Sluder Young was the name of the woman who was responsible for her upbringing, and Eugene Holloway was the name of her grandfather. To be more specific, the city of Somerset is located inside the Somerset region of the state.

Her grandmother’s name was Ruby Sluder Young, and her grandfather’s name was Eugene Holloway. Ruby Sluder Young was in charge of her upbringing, and her grandfather was named Eugene Holloway. Both of these names were given to her by previous generations. She worked for Comfort Keepers during the time that she was also employed at the institution where she was employed, so she had two jobs at once. While she was there, she was productive and completed some work.

There was a period of time during which she worked there. Marie not only placed a high value on being able to spend quality time with her immediate family, but she also placed a high value on being able to spend quality time with those who were in her close circle of friends and acquaintances. This was something that she considered to be of the utmost importance. Her adopted parents Pearlie and Joseph “Martin” Massey, her biological brother Gary Holloway, her two sisters-in-law Barbara Holloway and Connie Baldwin, her nephew Joey Holloway, and her biological brother all died before she did. Her biological brother is also named Gary Holloway.

Pearlie and Joseph “Martin” Massey, who had adopted her and raised her as their own child, both passed away before she did. Gary Holloway was Marie’s birth name, and it was also the name of her biological brother. Gary Holloway was biologically a member of Marie’s family. Because neither of Marie’s biological parents were still alive when she was delivered into this world, as soon as she was introduced into this world, she was given away to a new family so that she could be cared for. Since then, her new family has been responsible for her upbringing. As a result of the fact that both of her biological parents had already passed away prior to the time that she was born, they were never able to have the opportunity to meet their daughter.