Paige Williams Death, Obituary   –   In the year 1970, Paige was born in the town of Winchester, located in the state of Virginia. Her father’s name is L. V. “Jack” Whitacre, and her mother’s name was Karen S. Massie, but she passed away before she was born. Her father is her biological father, and her mother was her biological mother. During her entire time at James Wood High School, she was actively involved in the Mt. Olive United Methodist Church and attended their school as well. She received her high school diploma from James Wood in the year 1988.

In addition to her time spent working for NREP, she also spent that period working as a bookkeeper for the Frederick County Public Schools. Paige lived her life to the fullest, making the most of every opportunity that came her way and ensuring that she didn’t squander any of the moments she had. She had a soft spot in her heart for kids of any age, but her favorite people to spend time with were her nieces, nephews, and the pupils she was responsible for teaching. She was the youngest person to ever win the Apple Harvest Apple Pie Baking Contest, she was an amateur photographer, and she had a deep affection for animals.

She was the youngest person to ever win the contest. When she won the competition, she was the youngest person who had ever done so, hence she held the record for being the youngest person to ever win it. Paige had a profound fondness for the beach, and she anticipated with great zeal the Yearly Christmas Cookie Day that was observed by her family on an annual basis. Her demeanor was one of unflappable positivity, and the rose was the flower of choice for her when it came to putting together floral arrangements. After Paige had granted you permission to enter her heart, you would remain there till the end of all time no matter what happened in the world.

She is survived by her father, daughter Aubrie Renee Williams of Stephens City, Virginia, and Karl Williams, the father of Aubrie’s father; sisters Beth Williamson (Shawn) of Martinsburg, West Virginia, Jessie Massie of Winchester, Virginia, Kristin Orndorff (Aaron) of Blacksburg, Virginia, and Jackelyn Brannon (Gerald) of Stephens City, Virginia; brothers Joshua Massie of Winchester, Virginia Only her loyal nieces, nephews, and one very special great niece, all of whom were her heart and soul, will carry on Paige’s legacy. The only other people who will do so are the only other persons who will do so. In the future, a large number of individuals who were familiar with her, either on a personal level or through extended family, would remember her in a favorable light.