Paul Olson Death, Obituary – Paul Olson was not only a close friend of ours, but he was also an accomplished musician who, when he was younger, participated in the band that performed at the Circus. It has been great having him here with us, and we are going to miss that. It came as a tremendous surprise to us when we found out that he had died away, and the thought that we would no longer have him with us in this world once we heard the news tore at our hearts. When we found out that Dad had passed away, it tore a hole in each and every one of our hearts. Dad was like a father to all of us.

On the day before he passed away, December 18, 2018, it was discovered that he had lost his battle with pneumonia and kidney failure. He had passed away the day before. The following day, he took his own life. After the event had taken place, he left the following day. Following the completion of the event, he left the location the following day. The following day, he continued his journey in the same general direction as the day before. After spending the entire month in the facility, he did not get discharged from the hospital until the 16th of December. Paul is not just an enjoyable person to be around but also a very talented singer and songwriter who boasts a high level of skill in each of those areas. Simply being in Paul’s company is a wonderful experience in and of itself.

In addition to that, he is the writer of a lot of the songs that he performs himself, and he has released them under his own name. He is an expert in each of the many various fields in which he has specialized, and he boasts a significant degree of talent in all of these areas. Around the year 1983, we began recording and playing a number of his songs as part of our set as part of our live performance. We did so in a wide variety of settings, such as on stage, in recording studios, and in a number of other different environments. These activities were carried out by us in a diverse collection of locations. When playing these songs, we did not have any assistance from anyone else; rather, we did it all by ourselves without receiving any assistance from anyone else.

In addition to this, we did not have any assistance from anyone else when performing these songs. The side of the room on which you are presently standing will not be where the spontaneous music jam session will take place; rather, it will be on the opposite side of the room. You can access that half of the room by moving to the opposite side of the room and crossing across.